Do you want to know how to get rid of gray hair? Gray hair can either make a person look distinguished and worldly-wise. Gray hair can also make you look washed out, tired, and old. Age is one of the primary causes of gray hair. A lot of older people turn grey because melanin production tends to slow down as they age. When your hair starts turning gray between the ages of 20s to 30s, it is called premature gray hair. Conversely then, gray is often one of the most obvious signs of aging.

how to get rid of gray hair

Gray hair causes due to the end of color pigment in follicle. Every single wild hair upon our scalps is produced from two segments: a shaft (the coloured element we view expanding from our heads) and a root (the lower component which keeps the hair secured under the top of the head). The foundation of every hair strand is surrounded by a tube of tissue below the skin that is referred to as the hair foillicle. Pigment cells are present at the base of the follicle which stops producing pigment which show the way to loss of original color. The cells present in the body that make melanin are Melonocytes. Melanin is the main component which responsible for the hair color. Melonocytes lose the ability in producing pigments which is what causes a gray color 

What Really Causes Gray Hair ?

  • Genetics. We inherit gray hair from our parents.
  • The imbalance of hormone. This problem occurs mostly in young women and men.
  • Dirty scalp. An unclean scalp causes the root of the hairs to weaken as dirt block pores.
  • Hair loss and gray hair may caused by lack of Vitamin B (vitamin deficiency) in the body.
  • Use of concentrated hair dyes for the coloring of hair. Concentrated hair dyes for the coloring of hair usually contain acids which go on to adversely affect the hair. It goes gray.
  • Thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism). This results in low production of the thyroid hormone and low hormone levels impact very negatively on the scalp and hair.
  • Smoking. It is also found that smoking does contribute positively to the graying process because of the heavy assault on the hair by very damaging impurities found in cigarettes.

How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair?

Natural solutions comprising plant, herbal and minerals additives can reverse the process of graying hair. Natural solutions take care of the cause rather than just giving you a quick but temporary fix. Repeatedly coloring hair with harmful chemicals can leads to long term health consequences and has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats. Here are the things you can do to juice up and enliven your natural hair color from the inside out:

  • Beware of your shower water. Heavy metals and caustic chemicals such as chlorine are common in most tap water for people on municipal city water. You can install inexpensive shower head filter to save your skin and scalp.
  • Brush your hair twice daily using firm forward and backward strokes with a soft bristle brush. Brush your hair twice daily stimulates and refreshes the blood in your hair follicles which increase the nutrients that give your natural hair color and shine.
  • Stress will starve your hair follicles because it constricts your circulation and does too many other nasty things to mention. Remember to relax and choose wisely what activities and habits in your lifestyle nourish you and help you feel good about you.
  • Nutrient lacking diets are the top contributors to signs of aging like wrinkles and gray hair. Some common foods that will help give you a boost of nutrition and soothe your body by creating alkaline balance in the blood: Lightly steamed dark leafy veggies such as chard, kale, and watercress, root veggies such as carrots, turnips, and beets, and drink caffein free.


When you look your best, you feel your best and have higher self-esteem, sexier, more confident, and more attractive.

how to get rid of gray hair naturally

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